Math 7: Unit 1, Lesson 1

Patterns in Division


Materials:  Math Makes Sense 7 Textbook pages 4-9

Duration:   1 - 2 classes (2 x 50 minute blocks)

Key Points:


This unit helps you to develop skills that will help students to quickly find the factors of a number, organize numbers into groups based on a pattern, and with future Problem Solving.  The main focus of this section is learning Divisibility Rules.  In this lesson, students will read pages 4-9, answer some Practice Questions, work on Divisibility Rules, and submit one assignment (page 9, #6) including a Venn Diagram. 

Divisibility Rules are a set of rules that allow you to quickly determine the factors of a number. In other words, you could quickly tell if a number is divisible by 7 just by looking at it.

You already know some simple Divisiblity Rules:

Other divisiblity rules work in a similar way.

Here is a simple chart from the internet showing the Divisiblity rules for the numbers 1-10.

Divisibility rules

This chart is from:

Now watch this Youtube video for a song explaining these rules;

You are now ready to cover the lesson in your Math Makes Sense 7 textbook.


  1. Read pages 4 - 7 of your Math Makes Sense 7 textbook.
  2. Do the Practice questions 1, 2 and 3 from page 8. 
  3. Download the Venn Diagram Template and use  it to answer Question #6 from page 9 of the textbook.
  4. Submit your Venn Diagram file to the Unit 1, Lesson 1 Venn Diagram Folder.

Extra Resources:

If you are unable to access and download the Venn Diagram file from Moodle, you may use the following resources to help you create your own;

Here is an example of a Venn Diagram:


Here is another example of a Venn Diagram:


Your Venn diagram should (obviously) have some Math concepts involved.