Social Studies 8
Historical Worldviews Examined
How does contact between different cultures and societies shape, change, or alter our worldview?

Historical Worldviews Examined
Current Events #5: Natural Disasters
Time Required: (1x40 min + homework)


China's Earthquake

Critical Thinking Rubric

Essential Questions:

To what extent do natural disasters shape our worldview?
To what extent is the earthquake in China having an impact on their worldview?
Are there examples of Canadian natural disasters that have shaped or changed our worldview?

Specific Outcomes:

8.S.1 skills of critical and creative thinking
8.S.8 written and visual literacy


The death-toll in China continues to grow with each passing day. The last estimate from Chinese officials indicated that over 51,000 people died as a result of the quake.

Beyond the search and rescue efforts, the survivors are now faced with putting their lives back together. Every nation faces natural disasters, they are a part of life. Although each disaster is different, the influence they have on people's lives is the one common thread.



Step One: Read the article on the earthquake in China.

As you read, explore how people's values and beliefs are being influenced by the natural disaster.

Step Two: Identify the values and beliefs that are present in the article. In other words, what values and beliefs are influenced by the disaster?

Step Three: Now it is time to find out how natural disasters influence the values and beliefs of Canadians. Find and explore a natural disaster from Canadian history....The Frank Slide, Hurricane Hazel, The ice storms, etc.

Step Four: Compare the Canadian natural disaster to the earthquake in China. Complete the chart below!













Construct your chart in a Word document and save it as SS8U1CE#5. Please see the course schedule for the due date of this assignment.

You will be evaluated based on the Critical Thinking Rubric.


When the next natural disaster occurs determine the values and beliefs that are influenced!!


Students will be evaluated based on completing the current event worksheet.